El Salvador Finca Los Bellotos Washed




Dark Chocolate

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Region: Canton Lomos de San Marcelino, Santa Ana
Altitude: 1500-1800masl
Varietal: Red Bourbon, Pacas, Bernarndina
Process: Washed

Finca Los Bellotos belongs to Café Pacas which has been working in coffee for five generations. Due to its secluded location Los Bellotos produces unique coffee including the discovery of a new coffee variety “Bernarndina”. The farm name is due to the beautiful and rare Belloto tree which provides shade to the coffee trees.  Finca Bellotos is committed to quality by investing in the replanting of high quality coffee trees like Red Bourbon Pacas and Pacamara and innovative processing methods. The farm provides work for 50 people all with families that depend on this farm for subsistence. As a company, Café Pacas is committed to providing them with good working conditions, decent wages and training.

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250g, 500g

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Filter, Espresso Roast


Whole bean, Espresso, Stovetop, Plunger, Filter, SealPod, Other please specify in comments


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